CHEM 3000

Epoxy Chemtec

CHEM 3000

CHEM 3000 is a two-component, aromatic polyurea crack repair system that provides an Ultra-fast curing time. The CHEM 3000 has been specially designed to repair concrete cracks and small cavities on concrete surfaces.

The CHEM3000 can also be used for below-grade repairs and can be applied at very low-temperature levels.

Its chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics and Ultra-fast dry time and is intended for CHEMTEC’s Polyaspartic Coatings Systems. 

(CHEM1000, CHEM1000 LV, CHEM1000 WT, and CHEM1000 PREMIUM.

Its design features provide for the highest industrial and commercial demands.

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Packaging 2 GAL, 10 GAL, 100 GAL, 500 GAL
Color Part A Part B Mix
Black Amber Black/Grey
Shelf Life 12 months in original unopened factory sealed containers. Store in dry cool place between 10 and 32 °C (50 and 89 °F). Keep away from extreme cold, heat or moisture. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from fire hazards
Mix Ratio, by volume A: B-1:1
Mix Ratio, by weight (grams) A: B = 100:118
Working Time 2-3 minutes
Cure Time 10-15 minutes